Frieda at My Window

frieda at window

All morning Frieda has been looking off into the distance out my studio window.  She’s looking towards the back pasture where the pond and wetlands are.   Maybe she’s watching the ducks.  I can’t see them from my window, but I know they’re there.  I saw a couple of mallards over the weekend.   There’s sure to be ducklings soon.

3 thoughts on “Frieda at My Window

  1. Maria, maybe Frieda sees Spring out there somewhere!!! :). I had windows open a bit week before last and the dogs
    and I had Spring fever…discussing what we are going to plant 🙂 and then SNOW and cold! It’s been a day of
    Inside chores and knitting. Hope you’ve had a good one!

  2. Oh Maria, She’s the best. Maybe she actually smells them or hears them. Her ears are intently listening. 🙂

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