Minnie’s Story

Minnie Told Me....
Minnie Told Me….

Minnie, the barn cat, does a lot of talking.  Ever since we moved to the new farm, she sits on the porch and every time we come out of the house she makes a lot of noise.  She has a smoker’s meow, imagine Tom Waits singing meow, meow, meow……..  I usually say hello to her and sometimes meow back then walk away.  But last week, instead of talking back or walking away, I decided to listen to what Minnie had to say.  I stood quietly, cleared my mind and opened my ears and my heart.  And the words, “Mother loves us” popped into my head    She still had more to say, so I quietly listened some more and heard,  “Life is short.”  That was it.  No more meowing, no more words in my head.   Mother love us, life is short.  I hear you Minnie.

Minnie has a lot to say
Minnie has a lot to say

Minnie still does a lot of talking, but not as much as she used to.  I have to start listening again.

Minnie thinks she's a chicken
Minnie thinks she’s a chicken

And it’s true, as you saw today, Minnie seems to think she’s a chicken.  Maybe she’s talking to the chickens too.

I’ll be making Minnie’s Story into potholders. They are all sold.

12 thoughts on “Minnie’s Story

  1. I love having a series of potholders that tell stories. I’m always encouraging my memoir students to explore other ways to tell their stories besides the traditional memoir. That was their assignment this week. I can’t wait to share this with them.

  2. Maria, I am interested in the pink one that says Mother Loves Us. Please email me back and let me know where to send a check to. Thanks, hope it’s not too late!
    Maria Geizer – [email protected]

  3. I love these potholders telling Minnie’s story. I have always been fond of her, ever since she stayed close to Winston Sr when he was close to dying. How profound to open your heart and hear what Minnie needed to tell you about Mother. Very special connection you have with her. She wanted you to know about Mother, which made me cry. Just love the photo of her with the chickens.

  4. I love these (and Minnie, too, of course)!! I had to laugh at your desription of Minnie’s “meow”…one of our cats, Sophie (a.k.a. as the “Diva Princess”), is very communicative as well, but she sounds like she swallowed a squeak toy!

    I’d love to take all three, but I don’t want to be greedy, so in honor of our Miss Sophie, my first choice would be “Minnie Has A Lot to Say”…if sold, “Minnie Thinks She’s A Chicken” (although I think that you should keep that one for yourself!), and if that one’s sold, “Minnie Told Me…” They are all simply wonderful!

    Kathleen M : )

  5. Maria, it delights me to watch your work evolve. I am so inspired by watching you take your inspiration from things that happen every day. It shows me that when we open ourselves up and let it flow, the possibilities are endless. Thanks for the creative inspiration!!

  6. These potholders are sooooooo special! I hope Minnie knows how much she is loved—-and it seems that it is worldwide. I know this set of Minnie potholders are sold, but when the next set comes along, I’d love to have one. My favorite room in our house is the kitchen and it seems that it is filling up with your potholders; they bring even more warmth and love to my kitchen.
    It took me a minute to figure out that “Mother loves us” might refer to Mother who left the new farm and has yet to be heard from. I wonder if Minnie misses her. Do you think that cats miss other animals? I do.
    I suspect Jon might disagree as that is probably anthropomorphosizing our pets.
    My husband had a Siamese cat, Frisky, when we got married. I had a wonderful Shoodle (part Sheltie, part poodle) who had been cast away as a puppy. Her name was Maggie and I loved her with all of my heart.
    Until I married, it was just us girls. Anyway, not being a cat person, I kind of kept them apart as I didn’t know how they would get along.
    When Maggie died (at 16 1/2) I happened to be down with the flu and I was, of course, devastated. Frisky came into the bedroom, got on the bed with me, cuddled and didn’t leave my side (except to eat and use the litter box)for days. She knew I was grieving. After that, she was my loyal friend forever. When we got another Sheltie, Holly, she had a box in the kitchen (In those days we knew next to nothing about crates).
    Frisky went to the kitchen, got into the box with Holly, licked her and the box all over, and they were friends until the day Frisky died.
    I learned a lot from her. She was a sweet cat, and a good teacher.

    1. Sweet story Jane. I don’t know if Minnie misses Mother. She may be too busy defining her territory with Flo. But even though Minnie and Mother didn’t always get along, I imagine it’s was a transition when Mother was no longer around.

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