Fly Through the Roof

through the roof

I had a dream that someone was sitting on top of me.  He had a black knit hat pulled over his face.  I couldn’t move, and although my arms were free, I couldn’t move them either.  But instead of resisting and trying to fight or struggle, I relaxed my body and opened my heart.  In moments I was flying through the room, when I got to the ceiling, I flew right through into the night sky.  When I woke up the words, “See what’s in front of you, go there when you can” were running through my mind.

That’s where this piece started, the rest of it came when I began to stitch it.  There’s someone on my list that I think this pillow will be just right for.  If it isn’t, I’ll put it up for sale.

One thought on “Fly Through the Roof

  1. A powerful dream, Maria….I was so moved by the way in which you found your freedom in this dream. You opened your heart. Isn’t that the way to freedom?! Anyway…if you have not sold this already, please put me on your ever-growing list?

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