…Till Tomorrow

not happening

It’s just not happening today. Nothing is coming together.   It’s a good thing I designed the pillow I finished this morning yesterday, because I never could have decided on how to finish it today.  I’m calling it “one of those days” and giving up…till tomorrow.   Think I’ll go stack some wood, that’s something I know I can do.

4 thoughts on “…Till Tomorrow

  1. you’re a smart person…i’m always telling my kids to switch gears,better to walk away than getting super frustrated, that doesn’t help anything!!

  2. Good on you Maria. You honor your limits. Besides there’s nothing better or more theraputic than stacking wood! Happy Easter you guys, Cindy

  3. It happens… and stacking wood is a good “mindless” activity to clear the cobwebs and get a good workout too. That’s what I’m doing next on this nice sunny day in Michigan.

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