Full Moon Header 2

header 2

Ok, this doesn’t work, looks like she’s holding a basketball.  I’m going to keep the words, I do like them, and play around with the rest of it.  I have to admit, doing this is making me me very nervous, like I’m gonna screw it up and have to do it all over again, like I’m gonna get it all done and it will be all wrong, and I’ll have to do it all over again, but I’m already going to do part of it over and it’s not the end of the world, but still, I’m just nervous about it, I don’t know why.

New strategy,  I’m going to cut the words off from the rest of the piece and start something new, then sew the words back on when I do something I like.  I’m going to take it less serious and have more fun with it and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just do another one.  No big deal. Nothing to be nervous about.  Right?  Not that it really matters that I’m nervous about it, because  I’m going to do it anyway.  Here I go, I’m gonna have some fun…..

2 thoughts on “Full Moon Header 2

  1. Maria,
    Just let it flow you like you always do….don’t set yourself up for “failure” because it’s “not quite right”. Your work is amazing when you just let it flow. And it will. You also could have appliqued a bit larger moon over the yellow one – just a thought. Have fun with it. Can’t wait to see the final one!

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