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Header done

Nancy is on vacation, so Mandy and I (and Frieda) took a walk this morning instead of having our “business meeting” at the Central House.   I was telling Mandy about my header and before I described it to her, she said she saw an Everyday Goddess with her arms stretched out with the moon between them.  We talked about the different ways to show a full moon so it didn’t just look like a circle.  I had thought of using the full moon in the design, (someone mentioned it on facebook)  but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.  If the name of my business was Waxing or Waning (not a good idea)  Moon Fiber Art, it would have been easier.  It turned out to be pretty easy anyway.  The moon in context, some  benign clouds, seems to do it.

The facebook and pinterest logo’s are the only part of the header that I drew out on the fabric then stitched over.  I did them separately then stitched them onto the pink piece.  I didn’t want to take the chance of stitching right on the fabric and having to keep doing it all over if I made a mistake.   At first I had just the words Buy Art, but I added the my thinking it was clearer.  Someone might think I was just making a statement encouraging people to buy art instead of giving them a place to see what I have for sale.

I’m not sure what happens next.  I guess I also have to see how well it photographs and if that’s something I do (luckily I know a really good photographer) or if they do that at Mannix.  I know I may have to make some changes, but it feels good to have this much done and like the way it looks.


12 thoughts on “My New Full Moon Header

  1. So interesting to read about your progression of thinking, Maria. I think the visuals of one’s blog are important…even on my teaching life blog, which is not an arts oriented blog. This was painstaking work…and I am so excited to see what it looks like as a header.

  2. Love this Maria. It puts it in a real context- not just the moon.
    I suppose the moon itself could be gussied up a little now it is so entirely clear that it IS the moon(?)
    and….Oh.The. Colours!!

  3. Looking at the new header is just plain fun! Every time I look at it I see more that draws me in to the total experience. The cat on the books is one of my favorite details.

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