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It think I got it this time.  The symbols are all there.  Love, art, animals, nature, ascension, and expansion.

8 thoughts on “That’s Me

  1. Definitely, this one! It will work smaller or larger. Just enough detail and it looks visually balanced.

    On another note – Sock’s fiber arrived yesterday. It’s beautiful! And it’s so soft. The color is exactly what i hoped it would be. I’m not sure if I will spin it as is or if I will add some Cormo and silk to it. I may try that and see how I like it. I know that Sock’s fleece will make amazing socks or leg warmers. Thank you for being such a good shepherdess – you can tell from the fiber that the sheep had lots of love and care.

    1. Susan does that mean you are thinking of felting it? I’ve done some felting, but I never thought of using the wool for felting for some reason. I can’t wait to see what becomes of it.

  2. No, not felting, though I could, I suppose. When I pre-draft the fiber to spin it, I may add in some Cormo and silk fiber that I have, and then spin that. It would give it a “tweedy” look. There’s enough fiber for me to experiment – use some spun and plied as is for chocolate socks, spin some of the chocolate merino with the Cormo and silk and use it as singles for lace knitting or ply it and use it for hand warmers or a scarf (luscious)! I’ve done some felting – mostly nunno felting. I’ve not done any needle felting before. I did pick up a wonderful “tome” of a book in Manchester, VT a couple of years ago that describes the techniques for various kinds of felting. I may have to look at that again…

  3. Hi Maria, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and really enjoying it. thanks! I love the tree in the new banner for your website. The whole thing looks great, April

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