Chickens at the bird feeder

chickens at feeder

A few times every day the chickens peck around the bird feeder to get the seeds that fall to the ground.    Today, just as I thought to do a potholder of the chickens at the feeder, they all came over to see was new on the ground.  That worked out perfect for me since I wasn’t sure how to draw them when they’re pecking around the ground.  This is sold.

10 thoughts on “Chickens at the bird feeder

  1. My My Maria, what a wonderful interpretation for a pot holder of the situations that take place outside your window…gotta love those chickens……..this is a really nice capture of a farm scene!

  2. Love the “Chicken Series” Maria. You are so talented!!! I understand about Strut and what had to be done. On our farm in Maine, we had a very mean rooster and my children, now grown adults, remember how mean spirited he was.

    Thank you for making my day brighter!!!


  3. Maria, every time I see one of your potholders I want…it is already sold! LOL
    I want to buy a chicken potholder the same as the one above with 3 chickens and the bird feeder. Would that be possible? :)

  4. I love the potholders with the chickens under the bird feeder!! If you do any more like that, could I get on a list to buy one or two?? Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents!

      1. So glad to hear you may make a few more of the chicken under the bird feeder pot holders. I would dearly love two, and would like to send you the payment for them now (plus shipping) if you just tell me how to do that. I work for a Wild Birds Unlimited store in Springfield, and my boss there is also my chicken mentor…..he got me started on “the girls” many years ago and the pot holders would be a PERFECY gift for him! Thanks, Meg

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