The Sweetest Sights

Jon and Red out my window

Red doesn’t take his eyes or ears off Jon for a minute.  This morning I got to watch them both walk back and forth past my window to give the donkeys and chickens treats.  The sweetest sights are out my window.

6 thoughts on “The Sweetest Sights

  1. Maria, I don’t think that there is anything sweeter than to see the love, companionship and devotion shown between man and dog. You can see it in the eyes, and the connection between the two. I have been reading about and seeing (online) that connection between Jon and his animals since I first read about him and his Labs, Julius and Stanley many years ago. It is truly a wonder. And you have that same connection with all of the animals who have crossed your path and entered your life. To see it, fills my heart and expands my mind. You are right when you say that “the sweetest thoughts are out my window.”
    Keep looking; the sweet thoughts are everywhere. Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh Maria……how wonderful to have the opportunity to see everything you love so much near to you, everyday! Every day a glory day!
    It was such a delight to see you and Jon and Red at the Chatham library.
    I look forward to seeing your beautiful new header on the screen!
    Happy Spring to you and all the animals…….

    1. Thanks Donna, It was so nice meeting you too. And every time I see the beautiful heart painting you made me, I think of you and that nice day at the Library. Happy Spring to you too.

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