11 Potholders For Sale

The Independent Hen
The Independent Hen SOLD

This morning Grey Hen, hopped out of the chicken house  and started pecking around in the usual areas alone.    White Hen was in the laying box, laying an egg (thank you White Hen) and Oprah was still on the roost.  The others came out eventually, but Grey Hen obviously wasn’t going to wait for them.  Inspired by Grey Hen I designed this potholder this morning.

The rest of the potholders I designed yesterday and Kim will assemble them next week.  They are all sold.  They are all for sale.  They are $20 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  If you see something you like, just email me here or at [email protected].  I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.


Chickens run when the wind blows
Chickens run when the wind blows SOLD
Hens on the rocker
Hens on the rocker SOLD
Under the apple tree
Under the apple tree SOLD
Minnie wants to be everyone's friend
Minnie wants to be everyone’s friend SOLD


Minnie and Flo are working it out
Minnie and Flo are working it out SOLD
Minnie has a lot to say
Minnie has a lot to say (on the porch) SOLD
Minnie sharing a seat with Hen
Minnie sharing a seat with Hen SOLD
Picky Eaters
Picky Eaters SOLD

I also have these two potholders which I  made last week and just got back from Kim.  There’s a duplicate of the Minnie Has a lot to say , just because I got confused and made it twice, although they are a bit different.  So, these are also for sale.

Minnie has a lot to say...again
Minnie has a lot to say…again SOLD
Yellow Hen leads the way
Yellow Hen leads the way SOLD







13 thoughts on “11 Potholders For Sale

  1. AND, I am not picky, so any one of them will be fine. But the chickens under the apple tree would be my 1st pick. But really, just to get ANY of your potholders would be great, as fast as they go. Thanks!

  2. Yay! More “Minnie & the Chickens” potholders! If they are not sold already, here’s my “wish list”:

    (1)I missed out on “Minnie Has A Lot To Say” last time, so put me down for this one;

    (2) I love the pictures of Minnie & Flo on the porch chairs, having two sun-worshipping cats myself, so I will also take that one (“Minnie And Flo Are Working It Out”) if available…

    (3) I also love “Minne the Barn Cat Wants To Be Everyone’s Friend” (I know, I’m being greedy at this point)…but on the very remote possibility that this one is not sold yet either, count me in!

    P.S. I just realized that I could have made this request much simpler if I’d just said, “One Minnie potholder, please – you choose!” Sometimes the fingers work faster than the brain…

    In any event, I’ll feel lucky if I manage to snatch one up before they’re all sold out!

    Kathleen M. : )

  3. Maria, this series of potholders are just wonderful – whimsical and simple and fun! It’s fun seeing your art just blossom so quickly and evolve, what a gift you have (this from someone who can’t draw a stick figure!) Makes me want to get chickens!

  4. These are different and fun. I like the messages and the simplicity of design, although I know the figures are not easy to stitch. Maybe for you…but not for some of us. I love to see what inspires you each day!

  5. You may have a policy of not duplicating any patterns, but you could sell a bunch of the one with Minnie and the chicken sharing the chair… I immediately thought of getting it for someone.

  6. I love the ‘Minnie sharing a seat with Hen’ potholder …. As I did the photo Jon took. I was just talking about that today with my daughter in law … and I go to your website and see it incorporated in your art. Beautiful. Some day I’ll get on your site early enough to snag a potholder.

  7. Are any of the chicken and birdfeeder pot holders still for sale? I would dearly love to have two. Thanks, Meg

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