Cool Frieda

frieda looking great

I look at this picture of Frieda and wonder what she is trying to say.  A part of me thinks she’s just being cool.  Like one of those strong women that Jon likes to take pictures of.  Like “I don’t have to change anything about myself, I just look good”

9 thoughts on “Cool Frieda

  1. I love how Frieda always crosses her legs in such a lady like manner. I also noted your wooden sewing box. I have the same one. Happy Spring! Hope you are having just as nice a day as we are.

  2. The fabric on the chair behind her makes it appear as if Ms. Frieda is sporting un bon chapeau! What style she exudes with the poised, crossed paws.

  3. A striking lesson from Freida that reminded me I am enough, I don’t need to change who I am for others. Thank you Maria and Freida

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