Spring in My Studio

Spring in my School House Studio
Spring light in my School House Studio

Today was different, when I stepped out side this morning it felt like a Florida vacation in February.  Cool air that smelled of sunshine and the warmth to come.  Even a warm(ish) breeze.  But it’s the sounds too.  The spring birds and just today, the frogs.  It’s our first spring in the new house, so even though I know what to expect from spring, it feels like it’s all new.  We have a small pond and lots of marsh land, so lots of frogs and a few ducks and once, a few days ago, a pair of Canada Geese. Makes me think of the mosquitoes to come.  So far, not a lot of evidence of spring bulbs, but the mud around the house is drying up.  The donkeys and sheep actually have a bit of green to graze on.  And I’m thinking, as it gets warmer, there will be more traffic too.   There are flies and ladybugs in the windows and wasps in the bedroom.  And of course the light is different, longer, brighter, warmer.  Frieda sat outside in the sun all day, chasing trucks and sniffing around, not once wining or scratching at the studio door  to come in.

I wonder if the School House that is my studio feels it.  The change from the work of winter lessons to the approaching freedom of Summer.  Its time to be empty to rest.  I wonder if I’ll feel it.  A slowing down with the warm weather.   The feeling of the last day of school and the desire to be outside.

3 thoughts on “Spring in My Studio

  1. I love this post, Maria. In all the details you noticed and mused about, you caught perfectly that shift between seasons…the arrival of Spring and, within that, the promise of Summer. We broke for Spring Break today…I was feeling the promise of the season as I packed up and left my own school.

  2. What a melting into a relaxing season you have presented here, Maria, although on a farm, the work never really stops. You brought me right back to my grammy’s farm where I spent many of my young summers. Sweet memories.

  3. Love the basket! It is very much in the Nantucket Lightship style — my all-time favorite — and it looks perfect in your studio.

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