Every Cat Needs A Pillow

Abby and Heart of Scraps Pillow

Becca write a blog, Becca’s Event Horizon, about her life which often includes her work with animals.  She’s been cat sitting Abby for a few months, and it seems Abby likes to sleep next to the Shibori Heart of Scraps Pillow that Becca bought from me.  Maybe it’s the heart, or just something warm to lean against.


It took  Noel a year to find one of my pillows on Jennifer”s couch to snuggle up with.  I think Noel is a beautiful compliment to it.

One thought on “Every Cat Needs A Pillow

  1. Thanks for posting Abby’s picture. She went home with my Mom & step dad today. I miss her sitting next to me with the pillow.
    Noel looks great against the colors of your pillow. I love her gray! Love the green and pink border in the pillow.

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