Waxing Moon Pillow

Waxing Moon Pillow
Waxing Moon Pillow

I finished my Waxing Moon Pillow after my walk with Lenore.  It’s sold already to someone who liked the way it looked even before it was done.

And don’t forget, the Common Thread Give-a-way is still going on.

Earring by Nancy Bariluk Smith
Earring by Nancy Bariluk Smith

To win this pair of Nancy’s earrings just click on her website Spinning Glass Studio.

5 thoughts on “Waxing Moon Pillow

  1. Maria,

    I thought it was gorgeous and bursting with the colors of Spring while it was a “work in progress”…it’s even lovelier finished! It will be given a place of honor in our house (although it looks so comfy, I’m sure our two cats will be cuddling up to it when they think I’m not looking!).

    Thank you for your art – and special love to Frieda, Our “Lady of the Crossed Paws” and Guardian/Muse of the Schoolhouse Studio!

    Kathleen M : )

  2. The Waxing Moon pillow is wonderful. I love the colors and the fabrics you chose to create it. You have the most creative ideas and a fabulous collection of those fabrics. Your sense of what works well is a never ending salute to your talent. It is so much fun to go online and see what you have created every day.
    I suspect that the old apple tree will find itself in a potholder or pillow someday. It is through your creativity that all the aspects of Bedlam Farm live on in so many different ways. Thank you for that!!!!!

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