Flo, Queen of Bedlam Farm

Jon and Flo

Flo has won Jon’s heart.  I never imagined I’d see him holding a cat, he’s not a natural cat person.  Before Flo, he found cats slinky and annoying, unless they were killing mice and rats in the barn.  Flo has become Queen of Bedlam Farm chasing, the much bigger, Minnie and swatting at the dogs and claiming her place on the porch rocker and in Jon’s arms.

Flo is just beginning to work her way into my potholders.  Today she inspired this one called Flo,  Queen of Bedlam Farm.   It’s  SOLD for sale.  It’s $25 including shipping.  Just email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Flo, Queen of Bedlam Farm
Flo, Queen of Bedlam Farm

12 thoughts on “Flo, Queen of Bedlam Farm

  1. What a joy to see Jon holding Flo. He looks a little like the “cat that ate the canary” with that little boy smirk on his face. He looks as if even he is surprised that he is holding her. I love it. I think I told him in an earlier email that she has wormed her way into his heart and has taken up a very special place there. Speaking of hearts, it must warm yours to see the two of them together. Actually, he looks as if he doesn’t want to let her go. Bravo Flo, Jon and Maria. Good things come in all sizes, shapes and species.

  2. So cool to see this closeup of Jon and his new cat buddy. I am a long time cat lover so am always excited to see someone adopt a cat. Or is it the other way around? Flo adopted Jon???

  3. No wonder Jon has that “smirk” (sheepish grin?) on his face…he’s been caught on camera with another woman in his arms!

    Kathleen M : )

  4. Flo looks so much like our much loved and very much missed tabby cat Six. She knew exactly who to approach at the small airport she had been left at, my husband. He would not have called himself a true cat person at the time, but I thought different. When he worked he would share his lunch and dinners with her and he was the only one there she would come to. He had told me about her and shortly after he brought her home Christmas Eve since the airport would be closed. Since he found her he got to name her. It could have been Holly or Jingles or Elf or something Christmassy, but as we had 5 cats at the time he went with Six and it ended up fitting her. She was probably one of our best cats in so many ways. Everybody who met her loved her. Seeing pictures of Flo always bring a smile to my heart and this great photo you took Maria reminded me of how Six came into our lives. Thank you!

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