The Face in My Curtain

face in my curtain

Do you see it, the face in my bathroom curtain.  Like a Day of the Dead face watching me.  These are the curtains I made out of my grandmother’s pillow cases.  It’s not scary, it has a flower for a nose and a lovely leaf necklace, but it’s demanding.  Trying to tell me something or maybe just wants to be known.  For a long time I’ve had the urge to draw the faces I see in things, (patterns in carpets, swirls in bathroom tiles, knots and grain in wood) maybe the face in my bathroom curtain will be the first.

8 thoughts on “The Face in My Curtain

  1. I can identify with your urge to draw faces that you see. I’ve always wanted to draw faces on cacti and give them rolling, googly eyes. I think there was a TV commercial a few years back that played on the theme of faces in inanimate objects – light switches, suitcase locks, and so forth. Always liked that idea…

  2. I see objects/shapes in tiles often and had no problem seeing your sugar skull. I think it is a right brain function that some creative folk have. I agree with Joan. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.

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