Vague and Confusing

chicks at feed

Sometimes I make something and don’t want to do it again.  Last week when I got  a bunch of requests for the Chickens at the Bird feeder Potholder, I decided to make some more.  Partly because the image worked, it touched a lot of people, and partly because they are fun to make.  I think my favorite part is the curved metal hook that holds the feeder.  I also like how the colors work together.

And today was the perfect day for me to do these pieces.  I didn’t have any driving creative urges and was into the repetition,  playing with the chicken shapes,  moving them around to see how they worked best together.  Consciously making each potholder slightly different. (Although it amazes me looking at them now how the bird is positioned  almost exactly the same in each.  It looks like I measured them)

Anyway, this is one of those things I still haven’t worked out.  I don’t really have a system or plan for when I’ll duplicate something and when I won’t.   It’s completely arbitrary.

I have an idea  for a new page on my website to explain how someone can buy my art, apparently it’s not very clear on my site.  But what is this page going to say?

1 – If you want to buy my work you have to check my website everyday because I don’t have anything except what I make that day.

2 – If you see something you like on my site that’s already sold and you want one like it, email me and ask, but it depends on my mood that day if I will do it or not.

3 – I’d rather not do commissions, but sometimes I like doing them and they take me someplace creatively I might not have gone, so ask me, but not too many of you please because I sometimes have a hard time saying no and I want to leave enough time to do my own work.

Not only is this not helpful, but it makes me sound like a prima donna.   I guess that’s why I’ve been vague about.  I guess I’ll figure it out or I won’t.  If you don’t see that new page on my newly designed website, you’ll know I didn’t and we’ll just keep things the way they are.  Deliberately vague and a bit confusing.


21 thoughts on “Vague and Confusing

  1. Since you posted this, I will tell you–I would have paid twice what you were asking for the potholder with the image of the chicken and cat sitting on the rocker (it was already sold when I saw it). A couple of months ago, Jon put up a photo of Minnie and a chicken on the porch rocker–they were almost sitting on top of each other! It was beyond adorable–kind of a small “Peaceable Kingdom”– a cat and a bird together, AND in a rocking chair (what could be a better metaphor for a time of tranquility and absence of conflict than a rocking chair? Maybe someday everyone in the world can sit and rock together!)

    If you get in the mood to make a pillow, a potholder, a wall hanging, ANYTHING with that image, I will buy it as soon as I know about it!

    Thank you for brightening the world with your work.

  2. I think that any one who spends any time reading your blog understands you are not a prima donna. I think your list sounds polite and well-intentioned.

  3. Sometimes, “deliberately vague and a bit confusing” is a just-right strategy for preserving your sanity and your creative space. Can’t wait to to see the new website, Maria!

  4. probably best, Maria, to keep it vague and confusing, which ensures your creativity as an artist to remain free. And full of surprises for us, your readers and customers. Otherwise you may get bogged down with just orders of others, that won’t let your heart sing…… please keep us surprised!
    best always, donna

  5. This made me laugh. I have a home baking business “Fine Baked Goods” and a similar philosophy. I want to bake what I want, when I want, and I never know from day to day what will inspire me. You, however, are way ahead of me by having a website. I don’t think for a second that you’re a prima donna. You’re honest.

  6. Maria, your words about the new page on your website were very funny. Having followed your work and writing for many years, being a haughty “artiste” is not something one could ever accuse you of! Thanks for the smile.

  7. I think that your artwork speaks for itself. But if you are looking for a marketing tool – “Unique One of A Kind” “New Art Daily”. One of the reasons I love your work and site is because I never see the same thing twice! Each piece is unique and I LOVE THAT! I’m sure anyone with a discerning eye will embrace it also! Have FAITH Maria! Your talent is magical!I have @ least 10 of your potholders, 2 of your pillows and a wall hanging! I am a loyal returning client because each piece is unique!!

  8. love the list just the way it is… that way everyone knows what to expect (or not expect!) it’s PERFECT!

  9. You’re deliberately daring
    Vaguely hilarious
    And confusing self doubt
    With the sublime.

    Carry on exactly as you feel because I’m in awe of your talent and ability to convey the process with such honesty and humor.

  10. This is very funny, not to mention true!
    Your vague and confusing policy keeps people ( me, anyway!) checking back often in case something comes up.
    It is rather exciting!
    You might as well tell it like it is and say that you are not a prima donna somewhere, too.
    Thanks for the laugh!

  11. I have to say I got a big smile on my face reading your system; either you will or you won’t. It is so far from Prima Donna. I think down to earth and say it like it is, is more what I would call it. That’s how I live my life. May get us in trouble sometime, but it is what it is.
    PS: Love your chicken pot holders

  12. hahahaha Glad I made you laugh Maria! Buying your art is simple. Keep it that way for the masses! If someone needs step by step instructions on how and what they can expect from you maybe they need to just order from Sears or Crate and Barrel.
    Love the Billy Joel song…”Don’t go changing,just to please them….”
    I believe less is more. You rule Maria :)

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