Minnie and The Egg

The nest in the barn
The nest in the barn

Minnie made the nest.  I’d see her curled up there in the winter, a crack of sunlight coming through the barn door.  Then, one day we saw Grey Hen sitting in the nest.  Soon after that we began finding the eggs.

One afternoon last week, I saw Grey Hen on the nest.  When I went into the barn a half hour later, Minnie was sitting on the nest.  I reached under her and pulled out an egg.

When Fran from Vermont bought the potholder below, she  reminded me that Minnie used to sit in the chicken boxes in the old Bedlam Farm.  Today Minnie was keeping an eye on another snake that made it’s way out of the basement and into the yard, so she must know she’s a cat.  Maybe she just wants to be a chicken.

hatches and egg

12 thoughts on “Minnie and The Egg

  1. Minnie answers the age old question, “Which came 1st, the chicken or the egg?” Neither, it was the cat, of course.

  2. If this isn’t sold, I’d love to buy it. Minnie really is quite unique; a real character. I was never a cat lover until you and Jon brought Minnie and Flo into our lives. Now, I relish seeing their pictures and hearing about them. Maybe there is a potholder of Minnie and Flo together in the rockers. They seem to be really special cats.
    Enjoy your stay in Vermont.

  3. Duh! Guess I goofed up that reply. My first time, and when I saw the message “awaiting moderation” I don’t really know what that means so I thought the fact I didn’t include a Website was going to keep my comment from going through. So I put your Website down. Duh again!!!

  4. I read on a chicken website that cats enjoy the services of chickens (i.e. parasite control, they pick off ticks, fleas etc.). Maybe Minnie has realized how great chickens can be? I’ve seen pictures of kittens cuddled under nesting hens.

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