Back Home, Finding Comfort

Flo on the doors to the basement
Flo’s new favorite morning spot in the sun

It was nice to be home yesterday.  It seems the weather  changed while we were away.  It’s suddenly spring, the grass green, the donkeys and sheep grazing this morning instead of eating hay.  Other changes too, Jon got another tattoo, his third, a swallow and the last lines from Mary Oliver’s poem Mornings at Blackwater.(…Put your lips to the world and live your life).   And, of course, the bombing at the Boston Marathon which has changed greatly the lives of the people involved and for all of us change will come  in ways we don’t yet know.  The sadness I’ve felt is  familiar.  The sadness of a tragedy experienced at a distance. The kind that reminds me of how connected we all really are and the beauty of that connection.  It’s in that connection and the idea that the survivors begin again and again that I find comfort.

6 thoughts on “Back Home, Finding Comfort

  1. Lovely photo, Maria….Flo successful inher sunseeking!
    I have felt that very heavy sadness regarding Boston, too, Maria. I had many and friends near danger on Monday and it was a hair raising day. My brother has a large part in coaching the elite wheelchair participants and fortunately his team had all finished and were safe, but it marred their experience, nonetheless. One of his athletes was the winner in the womens division – her first Boston.
    I do have to say that Boston, in its collective response is shining!
    Nice you had a little getaway and I do love Jon’s tattoo choice.

  2. Maria-
    We had the same experience. We went away; there was little in bloom. The cherry trees were just budding. When we came back they were in full bloom and now they are passed. How quickly the loveliness passes.

  3. Your words are kind and gentle Maria. We are all connected in ways we don’t even know. I’m glad you had your time away and came home refreshed if saddened as we all are. I hope the coming of spring will bring some sort of healing with it for everyone.

  4. Welcome home Maria, This photo is lovely. I love the donkey against the flagstones.It was hard for us all on Mon. I was so worried about my son-in-law, his girl,and the kids. They are both tri-athletes. When I got the good news I was relieved but still so disallusioned and sad that such horror goes on.I’m praying for all including the sick human/s responsible for this. My hugs with my daughter were special Tue.
    Peace, Cindy

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