Poodle Stripes

Poodle Stripes
Poodle Stripes

I finished Poodle Stripes yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to post it.  Kim and Jack came with their truck and tractor to remove the pile of winter’s manure from the pasture.  Then I ran off to my yoga class.

A while back someone sent me a whole box of hankies and I’ve been trying to figure out how to use them.  This one with the crocheted butterfly was a natural for an Applique Pillow.  I’m also intrigued by the transparency of the hankies and like to make use of it.  Putting a different fabric behind the poodle made all the difference in the design.  You can see it subtly peeking through, big sun flowers like the one at the top of the pillow.  I felt this pillow had the quality of two worlds, dreaming and awake, although I’m not sure which is which.   Poodle Stripes is sold.

6 thoughts on “Poodle Stripes

  1. Maria, This is my favorite of all the things you have made and posted. I love the colors and patterns, and the quality of dreaming vs awake!

  2. This pillow is so pretty … my mother used to make those crocheted butterfly hankies … I have one displayed on my sideboard now … when I got married, she made one for each of my bridesmaids, the butterfly matching each girl’s dress … Thanks for a stroll down memory lane, thanks for using these hankies in such a lovely way. Elaine

  3. The sun is shining today after rainy days and seeing your finished Poodle Stripes pillow posted are two good reasons to smile!

  4. I really like this pillow. I must confess at one point I thought it had got away from your artisitic zone….and
    it’s so inspiring to see it is, in the end, a beautiful stand out !!!!!! This helps me to hang in there when
    I feel something isn’t working. Walk away and come back with fresh eyes. It’s such an uplifting piece of art.
    Thanks for sharing your process. 🙂 Ancora Imparo !

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