A Lovely Little Garden

hens and chicks garden

I spent the weekend digging up Florence’s old Iris’, Peony and Hostas and moving them around.  Jon tilled four gardens and we put in some perennials and a magnolia tree  that we got at a nursery in Vermont.  A great place with tons of cats running around (really only 8 we were told, but they seemed to be everywhere)  turtles and parrots in one of the green houses and lots of colorful flowers.  We got a bunch of last year’s perennials, winter hardened and ready to plant.  By the time we put the mulch down this evening, I was tied and a bit overwhelmed.  So much space to fill and at this point the plants are all so tiny.

But there was one “garden” that gave me immediate satisfaction.  It’s a small space between the back steps and the basement door, probably 10×20 inches.  I planted a circle of Hens and Chicks and placed a flat red rock behind it.  On top of that I put one of the two really interesting rocks that I dug out of the Iris bed.  One was a big piece of Quartz (that, Jon has in his office)  and this one is a white rock loaded with mica.  The black mulch add to the simplicity of the design.  A lovely little garden, self contained and easy to care for.

3 thoughts on “A Lovely Little Garden

  1. I love it Maria! Gardening is my favorite thing to do, I get such a sense of well being from planting and maintaining. Tiring work at times, but oh so satisfying! Happy gardening!

  2. Maria, this little garden is a pleasing work of art. Just great! Definate immediate gratification which we all crave from time to time. I just love this. I may steal this idea for a spot by our chimney. :)

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