Not a Snake or a Skunk or a Family of Mice

Frieda looking in my studio window
Frieda looking in my studio window

It wasn’t a snake or a skunk or a family of mice.  It was a woodchuck that was living under my studio.   I know because last week, Jon found Frieda standing over a dead woodchuck in the dog run which surrounds my studio.  Poor woodchuck, I thought, surprised that Frieda still had it in her.  Since we moved, Frieda is either in the house, the dog run or on a leash.  I guess I believed this had somehow tamed the wild in her.  But she’s been pursuing that woodchuck  for a long time and I have to selfishly say, I’m really  glad it wasn’t a skunk.

10 thoughts on “Not a Snake or a Skunk or a Family of Mice

  1. She did you a favor really ~ the woodchuck would have wreaked havoc in your new gardens. Poor woodchuck, but he was where he shouldn’t have been. I saw a baby rabbit sitting near my backsteps the other day ~ no wonder Tess is so interested in the space between the foundation and the step. Now I know why my tulips are nibbled ….

    I cannot get over how much Frieda looks like the dog my family had when I was a very little girl. I’d never seen another dog like her and was interested when Jon posted that she was a rotweiller/shepherd mix. I’ll have to bring a picture to show you the next time I know I’ll see you!

  2. Glad it wasn’t a skunk. They are not pleasant to have under a building and getting rid of the odor (on Frieda, too, if she got it) in your studio would have been a real challenge. Life with animals is always an adventure:-)

  3. I am glad Frieda didn’t get bit…have you ever seen the teeth on a woodchuck? They’re huge! I am always afraid that if one of my dogs tried to catch one, they’d get bit. So far we only have rabbits and moles in our yard.

  4. Dear Frieda, doing her job with gusto! She is protecting your property in many ways. One woodchuck can dispatch all the lettuce and green beans in the entire garden in just one night! I’ve never had them bother flowers, tho. Annie

  5. I’m with Frieda. There is nothing cute about a woodchuck. So glad she didn’t get hurt in the fray. You go Frieda girl!

  6. Just when we think they have calmed down, they surprise us. I went out of the house a couple of weeks ago and Sunny was acting weird. I went over to her and saw she had killed a squirrel and was starting to strip the fur off. Probably getting ready for a nice little snack. ugh

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