Freedom to…..

Freedom to Wander
Freedom to Wander

After Strut, the rooster, was no longer around I noticed that the chickens would wander more.  They don’t stick together as much and we’d see them way off in the pasture.  Yes, it is probably more dangerous for them, but they get to go where they want when they want.  I’d choose freedom over safety any day.   This morning when the hens stayed on the roost until after 10am JoAnne on facebook suggested that maybe since Strut wasn’t pushing them out of the chicken house, they chose to sleep late.  I made this potholder last week when I first noticed the difference in the hen’s behavior.    I guess my next one will be Freedom to Sleep Late.  

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  1. So cute ~ I love the sunshine yellow! Interesting that the chickens are straying farther afield ~ we all learn things from you and Jon about animals.

  2. Thank you, Maria!


    As I was walking with Miranda-the-labradoodle this morning at 5am, my thoughts turned to freedom and safety and the way I choose to live.

    I choose to live my life as a part of a 12 step fellowship for food addiction. There are no rules, only suggestions; but some of our fellows resent those suggestions. They question why they should “have to” go to three meetings a week, make three program phone calls a day, speak with a sponsor regularly, write down their food, weigh and measure three meals a day, eat nothing in between meals, and avoid all flour and sugar.

    For me, these tools are the fences that protect my way of life in a big beautiful pasture of transformation. By choosing to walk through their gates and close them behind me, I live on a land of rich and fertile soil that grows miracles, not the least of which are freedom from addiction, a right-size body and a clear mind.

    Sometimes I open a gate and wander. It’s risky. It teaches me the benefit of those fences. I learn that by choosing to stay on my right land, I feel supported, protected and loved. Wandering in the wilderness, I lose touch with my best life and the source of all goodness.

    Yes, I have the freedom to wander into dangerous pastures, thank you G-d. I have the freedom to choose. By choosing to live within the gates my 12-step program, I live in freedom AND safety. How about that?

    Love & Light,


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