Problem Potholders

Frieda and my latest batch of potholders
Frieda and my latest batch of potholders

Every once in a while one I’ll see  a problem with one of my potholders  that I didn’t see when I was making it.  Sometimes I’ll stitch together two scraps  of batting.  I did this on a few potholders in the last batch and when I got  them back from Kim,  I could see that there was a gap between the two pieces of batting on one potholder.

To fix it, I removed the stitches from the side of the potholder and from my initials to access the problem batting.  Once this was done I was able to baste the batting together and resew my initials and finally the the side of the potholder.  It all worked out fine and only took about 20 minutes.

Then,  as I started sewing the bottom of the next potholder I took a sip of my tea and when I looked down saw two big drops of moisture spreading over a couple of chickens.  Hoping it was just the moisture from the lid of my tea cup and not tea (which will stain) I ran into the kitchen and dabbed some cold water on the two spots.  A half hour later, the potholder was dry and stain free.

Now I’m going to get these in the mail before something else happens.

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  1. I’m sorry that you had a Murphy’s Law experience w/potholders. I love the potholder’s my partner received from you this past week. They are gorgeous! A point of interest, when they were unwrapped some of our cats (we have 5) were very intrigued by the smell…we told them that Frieda must have blessed them with her nose. I am quite taken with this hound of your’s. Look at that angelic expression! Thanks for the great picture and the wonderful potholders. They are moving with us soon to our ranch in MT. Have a great day.

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