Vintage Hankie Scarves

One of the round vintage hankies I used in on of the scarves today
The round vintage hankies I used in on of the scarves today

It’s my first time on ebay, I’m  trying to buy more vintage hankies.  I have enough to make about 6 or 7 scarves, all of them already sold.  But I like making them, so I’m on the hunt for more material.   There’s a lot to choose from  on ebay, but I need hankies with lots of color and I’m looking for big batches at a good price.  I’m avoiding the constant bidding,  it could be dangerous for an obsessive.

I made a couple of more scarves today, one may be going to the Kentucky Derby.

Designing a scarf
Designing a scarf

I found some oddly shaped hankies that work well on the ends.  Or, if a square one works in the design I put it on a diagonal because I like the way it hangs.

I made this one this morning
I made this one this morning
And this one in the afternoon
And this one in the afternoon

Jon posted a really nice photo of the first in the sun,  it’s a whole other way of seeing them.








9 thoughts on “Vintage Hankie Scarves

  1. These creations are stunning Maria. What a wonderful idea. Jon is so right, your creativity is boundless and almost mystical. I am sure there is a long list already, but if you are keeping one for one of these hankie scarves, I would love to be added.
    I’ll keep my eye out for vintage scarves also…I am an avid “junker” and sometimes see them in shops….

    What a wonderful vision.

    1. Barbara, if you find some hankies for me to make you a scarf that would guarantee you one. I need about 13 or 14 to make a scarf. You might find them before I do.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous! The ONLY thing wrong with them is that they are completely sold out!! Darn it! And I wrote as soon as I saw them too! You cannot fool around or hesitate when Maria puts something up!! 🙂

  3. I hate that Ebay last minute thing too, but I wanted a vintage purse and I kept getting it bid out from under me at the last minute. I googled around and learned about sniping, which uses a service to make your last second bid (you set your max price ahead of time). The one I use is Auction Sniper, but there are others. Good luck on your quest. I like re-inventing stuff, and that’s one (of many) reasons I enjoy reading your blog.

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