Apron, Napkins, Tablecloth….

The Quilt for Jackie's Sister
The Quilt for Jackie’s Sister

I finished the quilt for Jackie’s sister today.  It seems like the apron in the center becomes a icon.  And I just noticed, looking at it now, how the hand embroidered diamond on the apron is repeated in my design.  Below is a detail of one of the four green napkins that have the hand stitched flower from the table cloth that surrounds the blue diamond.

Jackies Sisters quiltdetail

Apron, napkins, table runner, table cloth, skirt, sweater, scarf and pants.  All that, plus the memories that each piece of fabric holds, is what this quilt is made of.

The back of the quilt
The back of the quilt

2 thoughts on “Apron, Napkins, Tablecloth….

  1. I see a lot of Mom in the quilt this morning. This Sunday would have been her birthday, so she’s been on my mind

    I love the finished piece, as will my sister. You’ve been blessed with incredible talent!

    Thank you again for taking on the project!

    1. I was thinking it is so much about being a mother and wife Jackie. Even without knowing the personal history of the fabric, because of the apron and linens. I’m glad it works and that I agreed to do it.

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