Conjuring Up Love and Work

conjuring   done

Before it was done, Sandra emailed me and said she knew this piece was for her. I have no doubt she’s right.

The day I made it I knew there was nothing else I could have done.  My mind was in a dream like place and when it’s like that, it’s perfect for moving images around.  The narrative, if there is one, isn’t linear and for me it’s very clear what works and what doesn’t.  I don’t try to understand it or make sense of it.  Although I find that often, when I’m done, it tells a story I hadn’t imagined.  It’s as if I’m looking at something someone else made and seeing it for the first time.  The titles come to me in the same way, the words just pop into my mind.

I often tell Jon that I believe I conjured him up.  How else to explain how I came to find the man I had been dreaming about since I can remember.  Yes, it may have taken more than 40 years,  but who said conjuring up a person was quick or easy.  So I believe it just may work, this conjuring thing, and I’m still at it.  Now that I’ve got the man and the work I love, I’m working on the other parts of my life.  I’m just hoping  it won’t take another 49 years.

7 thoughts on “Conjuring Up Love and Work

  1. Beautiful conjuring… it, and the touch of lace speaks of the your sweet love.
    I waited a long time for my love, too. We are in our 7th year and it gets sweeter each day, despite obstacles!

    1. It does happen doesn’t it Marcia. I never believed it until it happened to me. After that I kept hearing stories like yours, which I never heard before. I guess now I’m open to it.

  2. Hi Maria!
    I really love your new header! It really makes me smile! The colors are so bright and gorgeous and it’s so nice that it’s your beautiful art. To me it almost looks like if I touched the screen I could feel the fabric and your art on it. It is so dramatically different from your original site with the red fabric dress and tacks. I think your conjuring has worked so well for you (and Jon too of course) and I am happy for the both of you. I do believe your conjuring will continue to work well for you and I don’t think it will take another 49 years.

  3. Similar path here – “conjured up” my right man in my 40s, just left my old job to do my own work and try to make a go of it without the negativity constantly drowning out the good voices in my head.

    I love this piece – and the border is perfect for it. Sandra’s a lucky woman to get this one.

  4. Intriguing, this conjuring…your writing and art just fascinating to me. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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