Lighter, Brighter And More Fun

Frieda and Lenore enjoying some rawhide outside my window
Frieda and Lenore enjoying some rawhide outside my window

Well, here it is, my new website.  I still have to write the copy for my  page on how to buy my art, but I’ll get to that this week sometime.  Mannix Marketing my web designer is fixing the last glitch, with the fb button,  right now.

It think it will take me a while to get used to the new look.  I’m so used to seeing the old full moon scene.  But I do love the colors, the yellow and pink and it feels good to have my own design at the top of my page.  It’s definitely, brighter, lighter and more fun.  I think what surprises me is that this really is a good representation of my work.  I’m not sure I see myself this way yet, and if I didn’t make it, I don’t think I would have chosen this header as a representation of me and my work.  I guess there’s still a disconnect in me about how I see myself and who I am now.   Because I trust my art more than I trust my brain.  It seems to know me better than I do.


19 thoughts on “Lighter, Brighter And More Fun

  1. I think it is wonderful, and I am LOVING your new designs. the scarf think really works well. Keep up the creative and beautiful works. (no pressure, creativity comes when it comes).

  2. Looks fabulous! And what a wonderful mantra-“I trust my art more than I trust my brain”. Inspiration abounds here!

  3. That lesson sounded SO familiar! I decided, for no apparent reason, to give myself a riding lesson for my 62nd birthday. Neither I nor my husband had ever ridden a horse before but it took us less than a year after that to acquire a first horse. Now (6 years later) we have two horses and a mule — and we can’t imagine life without them! I can’t wait to see if you end up getting yourself a rideable horse down the road as well. You are so good with the donkeys (and you were wonderful with that ancient horse you had for a while after you moved) that if you DO get one it will be VERY lucky. It’s bound to have a fine life.

  4. I was surprised when I first saw it because I hadn’t expected it to be up yet! This is perfect for you ~ you make all those lovely cheerful potholders and pillows and quilts. You have fun with colors and shapes and this banner reflects that! It makes me happy to look at it!! :)

  5. It’s really beautiful – love it. I do think you need some of the orange background above the stitchery though. It feels like the page isn’t scrolled up to the top somehow. Needs to be framed in the orange. But you’re the artist! Just my opinion.

  6. It definitely feels more “fun”. I like it!
    And I love the bird’s nest in the window. I have a few myself – such intricate creations.

  7. I love it. The yellow is so amazingly perfect and I really like the new title.

    I am in love with yellow right now and here is the story:

    I visited my daughter in Berlin in April and we ate at a Thai restaurant, it was really good. After the meal they brought us fortune cookies (which I thought was a bit strange) anyway, my fortune said “The color yellow will bring you luck.” Since then I’ve been a little obsessed with yellow. Well the truth is, since I ran out of my favorite bright yellow gingham that went into almost every free-piecing block I stitched, I’ve been searching for a good, bright 100% cotton gingham (the holy grail fabric). Well with some web searching I found it in Berlin!!

  8. Wow! I love the new header. Yellow speaks to me of rebirth and it expresses how far you have come and how wonderfully expressive your work has become also. You have definitely found yourself, Maria. I am very happy for you. “Do what you like, like what you do.”

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