Mowing Success

The three donkeys mowing the dog run
The three donkeys mowing the dog run, out my studio window

Mowing success.  We moved the donkeys into the dog run outside my studio.  Where the sheep failed, the donkeys succeeded.  They ate down the grass and didn’t leave one pile of poop.

Out my open studio door, Jon mowing the front yard
Jon mowing the front yard, out my open studio door

And where the donkey couldn’t go,  Jon was there on Florence’s old mower.

The three dogs inside my studio
An unusual sight, he three dogs inside my studio

It was so warm this afternoon I left my studio door open.  For the first time, Red came into my studio.  I think he was missing Jon.   Lenore then Frieda followed him.  The three dogs soon settled in while I finished up for the day.

6 thoughts on “Mowing Success

  1. Interesting collage of photos. Three loves (the donkeys), the one and only (Jon) and three loves (Frieda,Lenore and Red).How sweet it is! 🙂 Cindy

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