Give and Take

give and take

Nancy couldn’t make it to our Tuesday business meeting at the Central House, so Mandy and Frieda and I went for a walk on Hickory Hill Road.   A tree lined dirt road with little traffic.  Mandy was telling me about an experience she had while she was meditating.  She spoke about how we receive energy through our left palm and put it out through our right palm.  I heard of this idea before, and can feel the energy in the palms of my hands, but could never remember which is the receiving hand and which the giving.

I was planning on using the rest of the hankies I have to make more scarves this morning but when I was meditating I saw an image of a girl with one hand (the left, receiving) on top of a dogs head and the other hand (the right, giving) with a bird flying from the palm of her hand.

So the scarves will have to wait for tomorrow, because the image wouldn’t go away.   I’ll give this streaming piece a border and make it a pillow.  Give and Take is sold.

5 thoughts on “Give and Take

  1. Oh I love the colors and the theme of this pillow! And I am so happy when you or Jon name a road or a place that I know. I am so familiar with Hickory Hill Road – walked and jogged it many times. I think a piece of my heart will always be in Shushan.

    1. It is a beautiful part of the country JoAnne. I didn’t know you were familiar with the area, it must be nice to see Jon’s photos.

  2. Maria, Just wanted to tell you how beautiful The Give and Take pillow is! I love how the idea came to you in an image. Your work is beautiful!

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