From Zelda to Wedding Shawl

Zelda Wedding Shawl
Zelda Wedding Shawl

Here it is, the Wedding Shawl made from Zelda’s wool.  Lynne from White Birch Fiber Studio bought Zelda’s roving.   I could say she spun it into wool and knit it into a shawl, but it’s much more complicated than that.  She soaks the wool  in vinegar and makes it into a cake then give’s it a bath and wraps it in a towel.    I know it sounds unusual and I may have gotten some of the details wrong, but you can read about it and see and hear the whole process  from shearing to shawl here on Lynne’s website White Birch Fiber Studio.  (There’s even one of Jon’s videos of Zelda begin sheared).

Lynne is selling the Wedding Shawl for $75 so if you’re interested in to or want to see more of Lynne’s work for sale click here.

Zelda and the other sheep are once again ready to be sheared. Lynne’s Wedding Shawl is the perfect way to end the story of Zelda’s first shearing on Bedlam Farm.

Zelda in her new wool
Ever watchful Zelda in her new fleece

8 thoughts on “From Zelda to Wedding Shawl

  1. So cool, Maria. I love reading about your artistic and creative processes. The shawl is priceless in beauty, especially knowing where it came from. Good and special Zelda.

  2. There is a lovely picture book just waiting to be spun (sorry, could not resist!) from this story – so many layers of connection. And, your blog looks vibrant and inviting, Maria.

  3. Zelda is a gift! Amazing the process from this toughie to the gorgeous wedding shawl.So,I guess she was right about not wearing that confounded coat. I remember that video. Just great. I would think the shawl would be priced much higher. :)

  4. a beautiful shawl and how exciting for you to see the results of your hard work with your sheep. Did you show it to Zelda?:-)

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