Spring Out My Window

apple tree

Such a different view from the first photo I took out my studio window.  Now the apple tree is in pretty pink bloom and the giant old maples are sprouting delicate  green leaves. The dandelions are up and that’s Simon and Tess grazing on the right.  Shade, soon I’ll have so much shade I may not have to use the curtain on the west window to block the strong sun.  I’ve also noticed, with the change of season and position of the sun in the sky, I don’t get the hot sun coming in my south facing windows.  Soon screens on my windows and lilacs on the bush.

5 thoughts on “Spring Out My Window

  1. Maria –
    I enjoy your observations about your natural world. You wrote a piece a while ago about a walk in the woods that I thought was wonderful. I think some of your best writing is about what’s taking place around you in the moment.

  2. What a lovely scene Maria. It’s exciting to experience all four seasons for the first time in a new place. How vividly I remember our first four seasons here at our little homestead. Even after three years here, each season brings us new suprises still. I’ve put most of the screens down.Lucky you to have the fragrant smell of lilacs to look forward to. 🙂

  3. When I read this blog post title I thought that I was going to see you “springing out of your window”. It might make a great potholder image. Defenestration is what its called, I think.

    1. That’s funny Jane, and yes I believe you’re right about defenestration. Although I always associate that word with being thrown out of a window. Luckily my windows are close to the ground.

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