A Good Team

Kim at the Cambridge Co-op
Kim at the Cambridge Co-op

Between yesterday and today I dropped off 13 scarves and 17 potholders for Kim to sew.  I sewed one scarf together, a rush for Mother’s Day, and told Kim that if I had to sew  the scarves as well as design them, I wouldn’t do it.  I just don’t enjoy it enough, and more than that, sewing all those fine fabric hankies together makes me tense.  Kim gave me a hug and said we make a good team, because she wouldn’t want to design them but loves to sew them together.

This afternoon, after finishing the last of the potholders for the Gallery in Pawlett, I went to the Cambridge Co-op to work my monthly shift.  I enjoy working at the  Co-op, stocking shelves and filling up the jars of loose tea and granola, it appeals to the obsessive in me.  And I love the immediate gratification of filling up the empty spaces and making the shelves look good.    But part of the fun is that Nancy and Kim work there too.   Nancy’s the manager and on one Thursday afternoon a month, Kim becomes my boss.  She tells me which items to price and where to put them, when to take out the garbage,  and how to weigh the bulk food into small bags.   When I have a question, it’s Kim I go to for the answer.   We work well together, and have fun too, so I guess Kim’s  right, we do make a good team.

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