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One of my first streaming pieces
One of my first streaming pieces that I’ll be finishing and showing at the gallery

When Gregory and Judith came into my studio they went right to the streaming piece that was sitting on my table.   “This is great” Gregory said, “Can we have this.”  Like everything else I had to shown them, it was already sold.  Judith walked over to my stuffed pink chair covered in forgotten,  half finished steaming pieces.  “What about these?” she asked.  I told her they were old and she said “Not to us”.

And I gave into the praise of this couple opening  a new gallery in Pawlett Vermont,  even though I would make more money selling my work on my blog compared to the commission they would take.  I agreed to sell some of my work in their gallery,  10 – 15 chicken potholders and  a few streaming pillows. So why did I agree?   Because I liked and trusted them,  because they liked my work, because my work would be seen by a completely new audience, because I like being involved in art shows, because when I step out of the norm, I always learn something new, and because it feels right.

The soft opening for the gallery (which as far as I know doesn’t have a name yet)  is May 24th.  That gives me about 2 weeks to make the potholders and pillows I promised.  Today I made 10 chicken potholders and Kim said she would be able to sew them up and  get them back to me by the 20th which is when I’ll deliver them and the pillows to Gregory and Judith.  Next week I’ll make one or two new streaming  pillows and finish off a couple of the old ones that are draped over my pink chair.  I like the idea of selling some of my old pieces that have been hanging around.  They are different from what my steaming pieces have evolved into, which is why I’ve been reluctant to sell them on my blog.  I’m also thinking that the pieces I make for the gallery may break away from what I’ve been selling on my blog lately.  In a way, it’s an invitation to do something new, since there’s no context for them.  That’s just why the old pieces can work at the gallery.

I’m curious to see what happens,  what sells and what doesn’t.  Jon will be selling some of his photos there too.  I imagine there will be an opening reception.  I’ll let you all know when it is, maybe we’ll even see  some of you there.

5 thoughts on “New To Us

  1. Congratulations, Maria! You have gone so far just at home, it was time to branch out “on a limb” in a way!

  2. I love all of your reasons for doing this. It illustrates the importance of open-mindedness. You will be rewarded in some way (or many ways) for branching out.

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