Going to Brooklyn

Lenore on the front porch
Lenore on the front porch

We’re going to Brooklyn to visit Jon’s daughter Emma, leaving today and coming back on Sunday.

Besides getting to see Emma, I love taking the train to New York City and walking around Brooklyn.  It’s always such a sensory overload for me, even though I grew up on Long Island and spent a lot of time in the City.  It never used to faze me, but since living upstate,   I am now content to just walk through the streets and see all the different people and the clothes and shop windows and smell all the smells ( weather they are good or not) and let all the noise overwhelm me.  It’s so easy to be in the moment there, because there is so much stimulation, it takes lots of concentration just to try and take it all in. (when I lived on Long Island I would become a true New Yorker in the City and just ignore it all)   And as an antidote to all of that, we’re planning on visiting the Botanical Gardens, the perfect time of year, I think.

I always wonder when I take a trip or do something different what colors, visuals and  ideas it will stir up in me.  What I will take back to the studio and how it will manifest in my work.



6 thoughts on “Going to Brooklyn

  1. Hi Maria… I know its hard to leave the homestead for NYC, and all the stimulus that comes with it , but at least you’ll be in Brooklyn, which is softer. I hope you get to see the cherry blossonm! Have a great trip!
    all the best, donna

  2. I think the Cherry Blossoms will be blooming, Maria, in the Botanical gardens. I grew up in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from those gardens. They are so beautiful, and I envy your being there. Wonder if they still have the Japanese Garden within? Enjoy your time there.

    1. Yes, Suzanne, The Cherry trees were in bloom and the ground around them was also covered in pink from a recent rain. The Japanese tree peony were in glorious bloom and the lilacs. We walked through the Japanese Garden, a sculptural delight of peace and beauty. I’m sure you’re seeing and smelling it all.

  3. Have a wonderful time, Maria! I lived in Brooklyn many moons ago when I was first working – and walked across the bridge every day to and from work. Loved it! The Botanical Gardens are a magical place, too – hope the rain cooperates!

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