A park, a pigeon, a weed

Jon at the Brooklyn botanical Gardens
Jon at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Emma and I waited under one of the many Wisteria arbors for Jon, as he lagged behind taking pictures at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Azaleas, Lilacs, Cherry blossoms, Wisteria, Japanese Tree Peony, lots of early perennials and most of the trees were blooming in one way or another.  It was overcast so the crowds were light on Saturday afternoon.  Moments before were were walking through the streets of Brooklyn,  inundated by the sights, sounds and smells of the city and now were were walking on grass, surrounded by the sweet smell of lilac, the humming of bees and the colors of nature.  And if that wasn’t enough, just to remind us who was really in charge, it started to thunder.    We  made out way back to Emma’s apartment and came up from the subway to a downpour.

Whenever I’m in a city I find myself looking for the natural world.  A park, a pigeon, a tree or weed in the crack of the pavement, this time nature found me.

5 thoughts on “A park, a pigeon, a weed

  1. The photographs on Jon’s page were stunning – as is this one, with the azaleas in all their glory. It looks as though the rains held off…for a bit…

  2. Welcome home Maria! That is a wonderful photo of Jon and the flowers look lovely. It’s always so nice to come home though and appreciate all you have right here! 🙂

  3. Amazing photo…looks like you’re on a Safari, and Jon’s your guide. Beautiful oasis in the middle of a beautiful city.

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