Don’t forget To Feed the Lion

Don't forget to feed the lion
Don’t forget to feed the lion

Last week I dreamed I had a pet lion chained up in my backyard and I had forgotten to feed him.  He was chewing on a rawhide and I brought him a bowl of dog food, wondering how much he really needed to eat and if dog food was good enough.  It was distressing, I did not want a pet lion yet had no idea how to find him another place to live.  Needless to say, I was glad to wake up from that dream.

Today I made this pillow for the Gallery in Vermont.  It says:

Don’t forget To Feed the Lion
Speaking dreams Of Worlds To Come
Laugh What you Know

This pillow will be on sale at the Gallery (I still don’t know the name of it)  in Pawlett Vermont at the end of the month.

3 thoughts on “Don’t forget To Feed the Lion

  1. Dear Maria, Your dreams are amazing. Maybe most of us feel we have a lion in our lives we are alternately trying to feed, then get rid of!! But the creation that came from your dream is DYNAMIC!! LIKE A LION!! Annie

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