Lilacs Out My Window


The wind is blowing the apple blossoms into the water buckets, my windows are closed and the heat on high.  Warnings of a freeze tonight.  It’s Monday morning after a weekend away and I’m glad to be back in my studio.  I came home to tall grass and lilacs blooming outside my window, a rested mind and willing heart to once again find my footing, my place in the universe. Coming home to myself, where I belong.

6 thoughts on “Lilacs Out My Window

  1. Maria, I think I see a streaming pillow with your lovely comment about coming home. It’s the perfect expression of we often feel.

  2. Glad you had a good weekend. This weather is crazy, isn’t it? I hope the cold doesn’t hurt the garden – or the lilacs. They’re my absolutely favorite smell, ever. Being able to have your window open to them would be good.

  3. What a beautiful scene. I love the lilacs. I always wanted to grow them, but have been led to believe that Los Angeles is not the proper weather for them. The beauty, colors and balance of this photograph are just fantastic. It feeds the soul and nurtures the mind.
    Have a wonderful day. I hope it has warmed up a bit for you and that the frost is gone.
    Jane Mintz

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