Maybe… or maybe not…or maybe

jackie's quilt 1

This is how it began, the apron in the middle (just like I did for the quilt I made for Jackie’s sister) and the idea of a checkerboard, to pick up the pattern of the apron.  Jackie asked me to use the Irish scarf that belonged to her mother-in-law, (an impressive woman who raised two sons by herself) if I could.  I laid the scarf out and placed a variety of fabrics on it from the collection of clothes Jackie sent me.  When I put the green corduroys next to it, the textures together  were so luscious I wanted to eat them.  Great I thought, but what now?  Once again I pulled out the Gee’s Bend book for inspiration.   I didn’t see any one quilt that helped, but as I leafed through, patterns started to form in my head.  I saw the red plaid pieces straight across the top and bottom, next came filling in the sides.  I stared for a long time at this configuration, thinking about what clothes I had left to use and how much of each.   Then this popped into my head:

Target by Jasper Johns
Target by Jasper Johns

The Jasper Johns painting Target.  What I needed was something akin to those little rectangles on top of the painting.  So I cut up some of the other shirts that belonged to Jackie’s husband and a pair of her mother’s shorts and came up with this:

jackie's quilt 2

But it needed something else, a touch of red at the top or bottom.  I decided on the top and had just enough from  Jackie’s Mom’s red plaid skirt for a thin strip of red.

jackie's quilt 3

That’s good, I thought, looking at it….or maybe…. So I took a break and went for a walk with the dogs.  Lenore rolled in something smelly and Red was the perfect gentleman, even without Jon there.  Frieda ( having no choice since she was on a leash) walked at my side.

Back from the walk I told myself  it’s the end of the day, leave it alone till tomorrow, but I couldn’t resist and picked up where I left off.  …..maybe… a bit of Campbell plaid on the right.

jackie's quilt 4  Those rectangles on the bottom may need to be squares…..or maybe not, or maybe…..



4 thoughts on “Maybe… or maybe not…or maybe

  1. Maria-

    Such an amazing piece already!!! Every rectangle and every square another memory.

    My husband would have loved the Jasper Johns influence. He’d received a doctorate in Art History, and loved everything from contempory to neoclassical. He would have been so impressed!!! Just like me!!!

    1. Ah perfect Jackie. Perhaps your husband’s influence came through to me somehow. Once again, thanks for letting me know, it matters what you think about it.

  2. So fascinating how interconnected artwork is – how you move from texture to paintings and from one form to another to create something entirely unique and personal. Again, I see so many similarities in the creative processes for art and writing. I love the central overlay of the apron – your anchor, it seems.

    1. I’ve been thinking about the apron as a symbol Tara. The quilt like an iconic piece of art, the apron the a symbol of women. To be revered and praised, the nurturing, life giving archetype.

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