Jackies Quilt

Ok, this is what I’ve decided on.  I don’t think I ever made a quilt so balanced.  I think that was what was throwing me off.  So I was trying to unbalance it by putting the plaid to the right.  But I think this quilt has more of an impact this way.  So I’m breaking my own rules.  Jackie said her husband was a fan of Jasper Johns, I wonder how he felt about symmetry.

6 thoughts on “Balance

  1. You got it, Maria. I think the black and white check in the center corresponds so well with the other linear aspects. Wonderful!

  2. I can’t help it, I need symmetry, so I think this is the right one. I admit that after seeing what you do with your designs, I appreciate the “wilder” patterns and am more willing to pull away from too much symmetry. You inspire all of us!

  3. I think the symmetry really enhances the manliness of the quilt. Maybe it is just that my own mind tends to be so disorganized that I am very drawn to symmetry! I love all your pictures and explanations of the whole process you experienced getting to the end result of your design. Annie

  4. Love this without the plaid on the right. True – it’s very symmetrical. But it works beautifully.

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