Jackie’s Quilt

jackies quilt (1)I’m useless after my yoga class, so I wanted to post this photo of Jackie’s quilt all pieced together, before I left.  I’m thinking about the idea of a quilt based around an apron and the potential meaning behind it.  But right now, I don’t have the time, don’t want to be late for yoga.

2 thoughts on “Jackie’s Quilt

  1. I see the apron as symbolizing the strong women, my grandma and my mother-in law, and their influence on the others represented in the quilt. They were tough, raising their kids on their own and working full time before it was the norm. Yet they were nurturing women, very good cooks, and much loved by their sons.

    In terms of symmetry, my husband liked balance in the way he lined up his art books and hung his prints. It made him comfortable. Much like the quilt would!

    Hope you had a good class.


    1. My first apron quilt was about throwing off the “apron of Silence” But they have evolved into just the type of symbol you are talking about Jackie. It began with “Neno’s Apron Quilt” That I made Tess’ grandmother’s aprons. I now see them as a powerful symbol.

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