Leaning to Love Pinterest

From the Urban Knitting site
From the Urban Knitting site

“Just go on Pinterest once a day and repin a photo”,  Chris from Mannix Marketing told me.  Ugh, I thought, just one more thing to do.

But I liked the idea of Pinterest, perfect for me really, since it’s all about pictures.  But I’m always initially resistant to new stuff.   So I grumbled a bit but started to put my work up on my own Pinterest site.  In a way, it’s like my own gallery, I liked that.  Then, every night, after blogging, like I was doing my homework, I would go in search of other people’s “pins” to repin on my site. This is how the interactive part works after all.  It took a while but just last night, I realized I was actually enjoying it.  There’s some really great images out there.  Some of it art, some of it nature, some of it just beautiful places or things (got hooked on the site with flapper dresses from the 20’s) .   I found the image of the pink knitted tank above from the Urban Knitting on Pinterest.  And these unreal (I had to check out the National Geographic article to actually believe this one)  Giant Crystal Caves.

Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves

Actually there’s just so much to see.  It’s like having your own magazine where you get to choose what you look at and then instead of ripping out the pictures and hanging them on your bulletin board, you post it on your Pinterest board and not just you, but everyone on Pinterest get to see it.

So what can I say, I’m hooked.  First jigsaws, then solitaire on my ipad, now Pinterest.  But you don’t have to listen to me go on about it, if you’re not already familiar with it you can get to my Pinterest boards by clicking the red button with the “P” on it next to the facebook button at the top of my page.  From there, you’ll be taken from my site to another…. to another…….have fun…..

2 thoughts on “Leaning to Love Pinterest

  1. Pinterest! So addictive!!! Once you get started, you just HAVE to keep pinning…..and then hours seem to go by. It’s been wonderful for teaching ideas, though, but maybe it’s time to branch out…

  2. ah, it’s FABULOUS. i make photomontages and it’s like having an endless treasure chest of ideas (and things to steal).

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