A Whine Out My Window

frieda looking in window (1)

I heard a whining outside my studio.  When I looked out my open window Frieda was standing there, looking in.  “What is it,” I asked her.  She just gave me those eyes. I almost gave her a dog biscuit then quickly realized this was a sure way to get her to whine outside my window when ever she was outside and I was in my studio.

3 thoughts on “A Whine Out My Window

  1. Ahhhhh, too cute! Give Freida a doggie biscuit! She is such a sweet and faithful dog to you. I just lost my dog and wish I had given her more doggie biscuits. Dogs are such loving,comfortable beings.

  2. Hi Maria, Great move on your part. Let’s think the whine was just a hello. Otherwise she’d have you eating out of her hands in no time.The beautiful dogs are always the best manipulators!

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