Jon Mowing Out My Window

jon mowing

Florence’s old mower is spitting rocks  at my studio and I have to admit I’m a bit envious of Jon mowing the lawn.  Even though I love my work, on spring days like today, I really just want to be outside, gardening or mowing.

3 thoughts on “Jon Mowing Out My Window

  1. That’s a lovely tableau. Spring has arrived in Washington county! So excited that we will be back this summer, on Cossayuna Lake. I do love Washington county.

  2. Actually, it’s not ours…although I wish it were! We had rented it a few summers ago, and had such a lovely time. So, with kids here and there and me recovering from eye surgery and wanting quiet writing time, we thought to rent it again. We’ll be there from July 13 – 27…..I am already imagining the rolling countryside and sense of utter tranquility that is Washington county! And, if you are around, perhaps we can get together?

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