Shearing the Sheep

waiting to be shorn

Red got the sheep in the pole barn and they huddled in the corner while Jim McRae, set up his equipment and got ready to shear them.  He started with Zelda, not because she’s the leader, but because of her with fleece.  He didn’t want any of the other sheep’s black wool getting mixed in with her white wool, which could change its color.

curious donkeys

The donkeys, always curious, were hanging around outside the pole barn.  Red kept an eye on the sheep and Jon video taped it all.

Zelda on her back

Jim grabs the sheep by her head, tilting it up which calms the sheep then easily (I’m not really sure how he does it, but he does make it look easy) turns the sheep on her back so it looks like she’s sitting up.  Leaning the sheep’s body against his legs, the sheep goes slack.  There’s no more struggle as Jim begins shearing the belly and works his way around the sheep, removing the fleece in one piece.

Tess getting shorn

At some point  during the shearing, the sheep (this is Tess)  look like a pile of wool.  Socks getting her nails done.

After they are shorn , (this is Socks)  Jim clips their hooves.

sheep done

Socks, Zelda, Tess and Suzy wait together while Ma is being shorn.

Ma getting shorn

Ma looks pretty comfortable, almost as if she’s enjoying it.

all done

The sheep are relaxed and lighter after they are shorn.   If you’d like to see Jon’s video of the shearing click here.





9 thoughts on “Shearing the Sheep

  1. Thank you for sharing all these photos of the sheep shearing. Being on a farm also, I’ve had opportunity to raise pigs, cattle, chickens, and (of course) dogs and cats. But I’ve never had sheep. Your pictures and stories about them are interesting! Annie

  2. Lovely post! Lovely sheep and the video was so very interesting to watch. Such gentle sheep. And YOU, Maria, have such a calm, peaceful, loving and gentle way with all of the animals. I loved how they watched whilst nuzzling you.

  3. So enjoyed the pictures of the shearing and Jon’s video. Barbara’s “Suzy Scarf” is coming along nicely. Thank you so much for sharing this process I felt like I was there with you in the pole barn!

  4. Can the sheep get a sunburn like a dog can when it has been groomed? The shearer must have very soft hands from all of the lanolin in the wool. Thanks for sharing, it was interesting!

  5. I liked the video very much- very interesting. Next the wool comes . Please keep my name on your list. I hope Ma recovers well. She was probably so surprised. No extra wool for padding.

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