3 Pears Gallery Opening This Saturday

Invitation to the 3 Pears Gallery in Pawlett Vermont this Saturday
Invitation to the 3 Pears Gallery  Saturday.  The painting “Old Goat” is by Leslie Peck

Okay, so the name of the Gallery that Jon and I are putting out work in is 3 Pears Gallery.  I don’t know what it refers to, but  I think it’s a cute name.   I just finished stuffing the last of the three pillows I’m putting in the Show.  Gregory, the owner , was very specific about what he wanted and didn’t want.  He would have liked a couple of my quilts, but I don’t have any for sale right now and didn’t have enough time to make any for the opening.  I like that he was so certain about what he wanted, it tells me that, as a curator, he knows his audience.  So it’s 15 Chicken Potholders and 3 streaming pillows for me.  Jon will have 6 signed and matted photos and 2 signed and  framed photos.

I’m familiar with the work of may of the artists in the Gallery and even own a couple of pieces by Leah McCloskey and Virginia McNeice.  It’s quality work with a Vermont theme.  I’m looking forward to seeing the gallery space and all of the art that will hang there.

The reception is this Saturday, May 25th  between 1 and 4pm.   Jon and I will be there, so if you’re looking for something to do in  Pawlet, Vermont, come by.   It would be great to see you.   And if you cant’ make it on Saturday, The Gallery will be open through the Fall,  so there’s plenty of time to check it out.


3 Pears Gallery 6256 Vermont RT 30
Pawlet Vermont
Open 10-5 closed Tuesdays

802 770-8820 or
[email protected]


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