Jackie’s Apron Quilt

Apron Quilt all done
Apron Quilt all done

I finished the quilt for Jackie yesterday night.  I’ve decided to call it Apron Quilt since the apron came to have so much meaning that was revealed as I was making the quilt.  Also, I like the idea of the apron as a symbol of  strong and nurturing women.  The anchor of the quilt.

Family Portrait
That’s Jackie’s Grandma Esther in the middle.  She put the note in the pocket of the apron. The older girl to Esther’s left is Jackie’s mother Carol.

But surrounding the apron made by Jackie’s great grandmother and later shortened by Esther’s sister Anna, there’s other family memories.   There’s a skirt, shorts and linens  that belonged to Jackie’s mother, Carol.  A scarf that belonged to Jackie’s  mother-in-law. And a shirt from her father.   And then, there’s a couple of shirts and a pair of corduroy pants that belonged to Jackie’s husband.   Including the pocket with the name Rich stitched on it, a personal joke between Jackie and her husband.

I also made some potholders that Jackie is giving out as Christmas gifts.  But I’ll write more about them later.

The back of Apron Quilt
The back of Apron Quilt


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  1. That photo of Jackie’s family looks a lot like some of the family photos I have!! Thanks for sharing this story ~ it’s quite remarkable really! It opens a window into people’s lives that we would not ordinarily get to see and it’s lovely.

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