Donkey Madness Out My Window

donkeys 2

I heard some thumping so looked out my window and saw Lulu in the sheep shed.

donkeys 1

As I watched, the Donkey Madness began.  Simon bit Lulu….

donkeys 3

… Lulu kicked Simon…

donkeys last

…Fanny kicked Simon…

donkey running

…then they all started  running around the pasture kicking…

donkeys 6

and chasing each other…..

donkeys 5

Finally, they settled down and grazed.

10 thoughts on “Donkey Madness Out My Window

  1. You can always tell when grazing animals have plenty of good food. The adults have the energy to goof off like teenagers.

  2. What a cute Picture-story. I felt like I was reading a childrens book each photo a new page of the story. Sweet.

  3. They remind me of the Katzenjammer kids from the cartoons, acting like little kids. I hope none of them got hurt. Their antics seem quite entertaining and certainly less expensive than going to a movie in Los Angeles. How fortunate you are to have such a menagerie! They may take up time, but it is worth every moment.
    Jane Mintz

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