Dreaming of George Washington


Last night I dreamed that George Washington, Jon and I were sewn  into a big burlap sleeping bag together.  It makes me think that sometimes my subconscious is just messing with me.

16 thoughts on “Dreaming of George Washington

  1. That is too funny! Love the caricature of everyone “in the sack.” BTW, the Minnie & Chickens potholder arrived and though our kitchen is in the midst of a renovation, Roger hung it up – it’s the first cheerful item we see every morning now!

  2. You all look equally quizzical…what a funny dream. Interesting to see that George sleeps with his wig on…Presidential, even in bed with company!

  3. OK, here is my interpretation. You are dreaming of finally having your nest egg — money under (or over) the mattress, the other piece of security we all long for. Notice, too, that dear old George did not come between you and Jon, but respectfully took his place on the side. 🙂

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