Poodle Valentine Pillow

Working  on the poodle pillow
Working on the poodle pillow

Sometimes I work on my desk, but mostly I have to see my work on the floor to know if it’s right or not.  I tried a bunch of fabric for the border (even a red velvet, but that was just too much) and wound up using one of the  flowered prints that I used in the Kalio Kitty Quilt.

Poodle Valentine
Poodle Valentine

Those square shiny pieces on the circles are buttons.  It’s the first time I’ve used buttons in one of  these pillows.  And there’s a  piece of a hankie in the bottom right corner. I think this pillow is sold, but it will be back on my website if it isn’t.

8 thoughts on “Poodle Valentine Pillow

  1. The scrap colors look nice together. When I look at this pillow, I almost see the phrase, (and a picture of Queen Elizabeth) “Carry On.” Strange, huh?

  2. I enjoy seeing a creation evolve in your bog posts, but I especially love it when you show the whole floor covered in colorful scraps while you are working on finding just the right combination. Until you hear it go bam!

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